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Matt Stewart is a Country & Rock Artist/Songwriter originally from Lebanon, a small town in southern Missouri. Matt Stewart is currently an independent artist, and has self-released several songs including his recent singles, "You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Drink" and "All My Favorite Things".

From an early age, Matt became enthralled with music. Whether listening to country radio in the car with his family, or growing up in the “playlist generation” - the young artist fostered an appreciation for music of many genres. This passion for music would eventually shape the creation of his own future sound. Before heading off to university, Matt was given his first real guitar as a gift from his parents. While teaching himself to play a few fundamental chords, he quickly discovered a passion for songwriting. 

In recent years, like many artists, Matt found himself with a lot more time on his hands. Which allowed him to focus on bettering his craft as a songwriter, artist, and content creator. This time also allotted him the opportunity to develop his merch business into a full-on clothing brand, American West Clothing Co. 

Stewart, has played shows alongside top country acts such as Riley Green, LANco, and Travis Denning, while also embarking on his own headlining shows. His most recent singles have garnered hundreds of thousands of streams combined across multiple platforms. With a batch of fresh songs and the world returning back normalcy, Matt is poised to have his biggest year yet in 2023.


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